What people save money?

If you are looking for a way to save your money – you’ve come to the right place. Read the article and learn about effective saving methods.

Money is one of the most desirable things in the world. It already existed in prehistory, and the emotions it evokes for centuries create a real explosive mix. It performs various social and economic functions. For many, it is only a tool to achieve goals, for others a measure of the value of a good. Still others see strength in saving it, and invest the accumulated capital. It is not alien to them to say that money makes money. It turns out, as confirmed by psychological research, that there are certain types of personality that are responsible for our attitude towards money, and generally speaking, of our property. It is worth describing them in detail.

We have already written on Erwan Dreed many times about what systematic saving means. We described, for example, how to raise capital on a daily basis . Today, we want to focus more on psychology, and more specifically personality types, which are made up of various character traits that are responsible for how we live, behave and what meanings, including money, play in our reality.


Ways to save – what are we talking about?

Ways to save - what are we talking about?

It’s all about behavioral economics. This science proves that finance is not only a plane, which is determined mainly by common sense or mathematics. It verifies the assumptions of neoclassical economics based on the results of sociological and psychological research. It is worth reaching for its genesis. In the past, it was cultivated only through observations, experiments or through surveys and research. He deals primarily with the financial market, largely stock market investing models or securities.


Habits or character?

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Since childhood, we shape certain character traits that determine our life activities. When it comes to finances, many say the most important thing is to develop habits such as saving money regularly. However, this is not enough to achieve triumph. If we run out of mental predispositions, our attempts, even if they were best thought out and supported by motivation, will end in failure. There are several types of people sparing. Let’s follow the most popular of them. But first let’s think about what motivates us to save?


Saving money. Where to start?

Saving money. Where to start?

The desire to raise capital must be supported by the will and the real desire to save. As they say, nothing is by force. If we are not convinced of such a step, we will fail. How to motivate yourself to act? If you want to save a little penny, we should set our goal well. It must be real, i.e. one that we are able to realize. Good if the target were promised. The last thing is that nothing motivates like the promise of a given action. For example, we can write the individual stages of its implementation on a sheet of paper, in a notebook, it is best if we divide it into smaller parts. Let’s not forget about the visualization of the object of your dreams. After all, we can save on a variety of things: a new TV, computer, telephone, car or even a flat or house. Most of us raise capital for the holidays, a gift for a daughter or son, or just for everyday whims. In this context, it is also worth considering every smallest step.


How much do you have to earn?

How much do you have to earn?

Psychologists as well as financial experts agree that to start systematic saving, you do not need to earn big money. It is worth to polish these skills also for small amounts. Specialists recommend the “penny to penny” method, which is putting away even a few dollars. After some time, it may turn out that the effort paid off and we collected a good sum.

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