Real estate credit: ecological aid


To promote ecology, the State multiplies financial aid in the field of new or old housing. Tax credits, subsidized loans, subsidies are so many thumbnails that can be enjoyed by the consumer when signing a mortgage. Focus on ecology-related aids, their fields of application and the benefits for the individual.

Subsidies for home improvement

Subsidies for home improvement

Subsidies for ecology are granted by the local authorities and by the State.

They are intended to encourage homeowners to improve their homes through energy-saving work.

From the thermal study to the insulation work, from the heating regulation to the extension work, the individual benefits from these substantial budget envelopes designed to encourage his efforts to:

  • Home improvement
  • Sustainable development

Assisted loans

Assisted loans

In order to support a number of housing improvement projects, some public and private organizations offer loans with extremely favorable conditions. It’s about :
The agreed loan granted for some energy-saving work but also to help Mr. Motor purchase a home and build a principal residence.
Eco-PTZ or eco-loan at zero rates favoring the acquisition of more energy-efficient housing.

It should be noted that the improvement works can also be financed thanks to the eco-PTZ up to 30 000 €.

The tax credit

The tax credit

Combined with the zero-rated eco-loan – means-tested – the tax credit is an incentive tax system that aims to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. There are many investments targeted by this measure, for example:

  • Condensing heating equipment and heating control devices
  • Equipment that uses renewable energy to produce energy: photovoltaic, heat pump or solar energy sensors in others
  • Thermal insulation of ceilings, hot water pipes, roof terrace, walls, and floors, etc.

Depending on the work and equipment, but also depending on the age of the dwelling, the rate of the tax credit can be 25 or 40%.

It even reaches 50% for the purchase and installation of equipment that produces heat through renewable energy.

Ecological aid: what benefits for the consumer?

We can only appreciate all this aid in favor of the ecology from which the consumer derives the following benefits:

  • A more comfortable place to live: ecological aids allow the poorest income to access innovative equipment that can improve the comfort of the home
  • More energy-efficient housing: whether in the new or the old, the consumer can be equipped with energy-saving equipment thanks to state aid for ecology
  • A financial advantage: for example, the interest rates for real estate loans for ecology are lower than those for other loans. Some loans are even free and/or have a deferred period
  • A better secure habitat
  • His health and that of his family preserved thanks to the work of improvement of the habitat.

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