Private loans without collateral – Comparison of interest rates

Private loans are the most common form of loan you can apply for if you do not have to offer anything in collateral to the lender. The great thing about private loans is that they can be used for whatever you want.

This is because there is no collateral for the loan. So if you have an economy that allows it, you can take a unsecured private loan of USD 350,000 and then buy shoes for the full amount. The disadvantage of loans of this kind is that they are usually a little more expensive, but we will get to that a little later.

What is security?


Security is something that the lender offers that they can demand as payment if the loan is not repaid as intended. Loans that have collateral that everyone knows are mortgages and car loans. For a mortgage, the home is purchased as collateral and for a car loan, of course, the car.

If the repayments are then not taken care of at all and the lender does not see that they will receive money then they can demand that what stands for collateral be sold and that the money that comes in from the sale is used to repay the loan.

Thus, a private loan with no collateral has as the name says no collateral. As a result of the fact that there is no security, there will be some consequences that we will discuss in the next paragraph.

Private unsecured loans become a …

Private unsecured loans become a ...

Unfortunately for those looking for a private loan, it will cost more to apply for a loan without collateral than one with it. It is because lenders feel less safe to lend money to people where no security is offered. However, it is often a private loan that applies when you cannot offer anything in collateral for the loan.

The fact that it costs more is because the lender manages greater risks with taking more pay. They simply have to expect that many borrowers in this way will in future have problems repaying their loans, which means that their margins must be increased. Now, this does not mean that it must be very expensive to take out a loan without security just that it will cost a little more.

It is also true that the lenders know

It is also true that the lenders know

About this and therefore there is a smaller interval for how much money one can apply for when it comes to private loans. The large banks offer private loans between about USD 10,000 – 350,000. If you have a strong economy, you can borrow the entire amount, a slightly weaker economy may mean that you cannot borrow as much.

For tips on lenders offering private loans, you can look a little further down this page as we list a number of them. You will also find interest data from them for a quick comparison.

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